All about commas

Commas!!! Commas are very important and powerful punctuation marks, even though they’re small. A comma can be used to split a sentence and let the person who is reading have the chance to catch their breath. They are easy to use, when you know how. Don’t you believe me? You do! Good because I’m going to show you how. Example: Commas are very useful when you’re writing a list. Look what it’d be like without using commas: Mino packed his helmet and shield and umbrella and sun hat and compass and map for his trip to the big city. Phew! What a horribly long sentence and there are too many ‘ands’! I didn't have a chance to take a breath! I can use a comma instead of and. Does this read better? Mino packed his helmet, shield, umbrella, sun hat, compass and map for his trip to the big city. Remember that an 'and' can be used at the end of a list instead of a comma, just like the sentence above.